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As a new lab founded Jan. 2024, we are looking to expand our team!

Curious, adventurous, and conscientious individuals from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Please note that the lab’s integrative approach offers various projects that can be tailored to new members’

previous experience, interests, and long-term goals.

For prospective postdoctoral trainees:

Please email Dipon describing your research experience and interests and include a CV.

For graduate students:

We will be accepting rotation students in Spring 2024, so please email Dipon if interested. If you are not yet enrolled, please apply through the Molecular and Cell Biology or Integrative Neuroscience at Dartmouth graduate programs.

For prospective research specialists:

We are looking for research specialists to support ongoing projects in the lab. This position could be well-suited for recent graduates looking to gain research experience before starting graduate or medical school or for scientists experienced in working with

C. elegans. If interested, please email Dipon with a brief description of your past research experience and CV.

For undergraduate students:

Please email Dipon directly to inquire about open positions. 

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